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2019 NTXFF Film Lineup

Category: EarthXFilm


Detroit Hives

In the wake of Detroit’s foreclosure crisis, an estimated 90,000 housing lots were abandoned across the city. But where others see blight, Tim Paule and Nicole Lindsey see opportunity. The young couple purchases lots and converts them into urban bee farms. Their work promotes the natural world, brings diversity into beekeeping, and is helping rebuild inner-city communities, one hive at a time.



There are free-range chickens and then, there is Tungrus, a type of rooster that roams around an Indian apartment causing chaos and crapping indiscriminately. This brilliant, dynamic short follows the family who has adopted a bird, ostensibly to be eaten, that somehow turned into a beloved pet. Or has it?



In Uniontown, Alabama, citizens feel they have endured years of pollution from a cheese factory, landfill, coal ash operation and catfish plant. Tired of the pollution, odor and inaction of local politicians, a grassroots group decides to stand up. Uniontown captures their effort to take back the town, one vote at a time.


There’s Something in the Water

Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas, a swampy world home to a thriving and delicate ecosystem. But its future is threatened by the appearance of Giant Salvinia, an incredibly aggressive invasive plant from South America that is rapidly overwhelming the body of water. This animated short brings together the real people who are devoting their lives to overcoming his green monster before it’s too late. Because, as one fishing guide puts it, “the lake means everything.”