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2019 NTXFF Film Lineup

Category: Family Friendly

Family Friendly, Comedy, Special Presentation

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

On the brink of perfecting his state-of-the-art matter-shrinking machine, the suburban paterfamilias and indefatigable inventor, Professor Wayne Szalinski, realises that his device truly works, when it zaps both his kids and their friends. Now, to return to the relative safety of their home while being reduced to a mere quarter-inch size, the minuscule humans must venture out into the dense and perilous landscapes of their now-immense backyard--a hostile environment where nearly everything spells trouble. Can the kids exit the green maze of grass in one piece?

Comedy, Coming of Age, Young Adult

Second Skin

An introverted young girl finds she had more in common with deceased grandmother than she could have ever possibly imagined.


Back of the Net

When a young science fanatic mistakenly boards the bus for a Soccer Academy instead of Semester at Sea, she is left with little choice but to embrace her team and kick some goals.

87 mins NA