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2019 NTXFF Film Lineup

Category: VIFM: 5 Shorts on Hard Topics

Educational, Animated, 5SOHT

Psych Hub Shorts

Mental health disorders can impact anyone. Through meaningful and innovative education, we can provide understanding and help each other lead healthier lives.

Now, After

An autobiographical student short. Disturbing images and haunting flashbacks plague a young soldier recently returned from the war in Iraq. Re-adjusting to his former
life as a college student proves to be more difficult than he ever imagined - connecting with veterans of wars past may be just what he needs.


Evidence of Things Unseen

A veteran finds healing in art — and turns to help others. A TIME Red Border Films documentary featuring Richard Casper and George W. Bush.

26mins NR

The Fallen

A short sketch on the remaining soldiers in a platoon - running out of ammo - stuck in enemy territory - attempt to draw the enemy out from their hide-out. They desperately seek backup. But, their command center can't provide backup and dictates a new mission to them: capture this high-value-enemy-target alive. What do the soldiers do? Who is this high-value-target?


Waiting for the Sun

After being discharged from the military, Jeremy Andrews, a US Army Ranger suffering from post-war PTSD returns home for the first time in years. While visiting a therapist for the first time, questions come up about his adjustments to home life, as well as readjusting to civilian life. What he can't seem to admit out loud, continuously plays in his mind.


A Soldier’s Way

God created the desert to test the faith of men.